Project Description
AutoLaunch component for Windows Embedded Compact 2013, Compact 7 and Windows Embedded CE 6.0.

A Windows Embedded Compact device is developed as a standalone device to perform a set of designated task. Typically, a Windows Embedded Compact device is designed to automatically launch one or more application when the device power on.
The AutoLaunch component is created to simplify the tasks needed to launch one or more application during start up.
When included to the OS design, in addition to including the AutoLaunch.exe executable to the OS image, the following registry entries are also added to launch the AutoLaunch.exe executable during start up:

"Depend99"=hex:14,00, 1e,00
To configure the AutoLaunch component to launch your application during start up, you need to add the following registry entries to the OS design project’s OSDESIGN.REG (For CE 6.0, add the entries to PROJECT.REG):

Based on the above registry entries, the AutoLaunch component launches App1.exe after the Windows Embedded Compact device boot up with a 5 seconds delay, App2.exe with 10 seconds delay and App3.exe with 15 seconds delay.

1388Hex = 5000 (Representing 5000ms or 5 seconds)
2710Hex = 10000 (Representing 10000ms or 10 seconds)
3A98Hex = 15000 (Representing 15000ms or 15 seconds)

Note: The delay time in the above entries are randomly selected, can be zero or a value suitable for the application being launched.

Update: June 13, 2013

AutoLaunch version v300 for Compact 2013 (AutoLaunchv300Compact2013) is the first release that support "Windows Embedded Compact 2013".

Update: June 11, 2013

Starting with version v310 (AutoLaunchv310Compact7) the following two sub-components are added:
  • AutoLaunch CoreCon
  • AutoLaunch Remote Display application

When "AutoLaunch CoreCon" is added to an OS design, CoreCon files needed to establish connectivity between Visual Studio IDE and the target device, to support application development, are included to the OS design and compile as part of the final OS run-time image.

When "AutoLaunch Remote Display application" is added to an OS design, the remote display application, CERDISP.EXE, is added and compile as part of the final OS run-time image.

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